Jennifer Thompson Attorney is a solo practice law firm located in Nashville, Tennessee. It specializes in family law and general practice attorneys. It has been operating for over 15 years. The firm has two locations and has more than two people working at one time. The law firm is a woman-owned business, and Thompson has a reputation for her aggressive legal representation. She also has a history of helping people through difficult times.

Jennifer Thompson has extensive trial experience, and her practice focuses on management-side labor law, human rights, and privacy.

She was admitted to the bar in 2012 after practicing as a solicitor in England. Before her legal practice, Jennifer served as a commercial officer for a multinational aerospace company in Germany. As a result of her international experience, she knows the ins and outs of the business. She works closely with employers to provide them with high-quality legal advice. She is familiar with the ins and outs of wrongful dismissal cases, and she is familiar with the intricacies involved.

The team behind Jennifer Thompson’s practice includes a seasoned first-chair trial attorney. Her practice has a diverse range of personal injury cases, and she has been the lead defense counsel for many of them. She has defended clients facing claims of wrongful death, aggravated kidnapping, and rape. Moreover, she has extensive trial experience and is often hired as an expert witness in trials. In one case, she stepped in for another attorney after the other had died, and she successfully defended a client to a defense verdict.

Jennifer Thompson focuses her practice on human rights and privacy law.

She has worked as a solicitor in England and was admitted to the bar in 2012. Her prior experience in international business includes working as a commercial officer for a multi-national aerospace company in Germany. She understands the needs of her clients and works hard to provide quality legal advice. She has experience in dealing with unjust dismissal claims and has litigated many wrongful dismissal cases.

In the Employment & Labour Group, Jennifer Thompson focuses on cases involving both criminal and civil law. Her practice includes a variety of personal injury cases, including wrongful death, discrimination, and privacy. She is also experienced in handling unjust dismissal cases. She has helped clients with a wide range of legal issues and has extensive experience in employment and human rights law. So, if you need a lawyer, you can count on her services.

Thompson has spent her career representing the interests of clients facing unjust dismissal claims.

She has worked with numerous businesses in many different sectors, including construction, retail, and hospitality. She is a seasoned first-chair trial lawyer with a vast portfolio of cases involving serious personal injury. In addition to her experience, she has also worked with businesses to protect their interests and prevent unnecessary legal risks. She is dedicated to helping individuals with their injury matters.

Whether you need a personal injury lawyer, a wrongful dismissal case, or an employment discrimination case, Jennifer Thompson has you covered. She has tried many cases, including those that involved serious wrongful death. She also handles complex products liability and privacy cases. She has handled thousands of criminal and civil cases. She is an excellent advocate for your rights. And she is a good choice for your case.

The attorney Jennifer Thompson has extensive experience in employment and labor law.

She specializes in the management side of labor law. She has a wealth of knowledge and experience in this area of law. During her trial, she won a defense verdict in an employment case involving unjust dismissal. The jury convicted Zach Adams. However, the jury was impressed by her work and the firm’s professionalism.

Jennifer Thompson’s practice focuses on the management side of labor law, including employment discrimination and privacy. She has previously been a solicitor in England. She was admitted to the bar in 2012. Despite her recent criminal record, Thompson has worked as a commercial officer for a multinational aerospace company in Germany. She is well-versed in the operations of a company and can provide a sound legal opinion for the employer.

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    Michael A Wurzer says:

    Hello Jennifer, from Florida hope you are well and happy. I am referring people to your office that I know in Wisconsin. I do not know any attorney that has the spunk that you have, “meaning this only as flattery”. I will never forget watching you in court and how assertive you would get with the judge… lol You shocked me when I was a witness one time, I will never forget… lol I referred Jada Maulig. Her husband is a police officer back where we last lived. He is being a ” smart ass” and I felt you would do the best job for her. I never make any promises to them only that you would do your best. There may be a few more contacts along the way. Take care old friend… Mike Wurzer

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