If you suffer injuries in a dog bite incident, you may consider hiring a dog bite lawyer to seek financial compensation for your injuries. If so, you may wonder how much it will cost to work with a dog bite lawyer or how much does a dog bite lawsuit cost.

Cost of Hiring a Dog Bite Lawyer

In most cases, hiring a dog bite lawyer does not cost you any money upfront. Most dog bite lawyers work on a contingency fee, which means they don’t get paid a legal fee until you receive a settlement or jury award. The lawyer’s fee is a percentage of your settlement or award damages, typically about one-third of the net recovery (gross proceeds fewer costs of the lawsuit.

How Much Does a Dog Bite Lawsuit Cost?

The law firm generally advances all costs of the litigation necessary to represent you in your case. Costs include filing fees, expert costs, medical records costs, copying, postage and delivery costs, process servers, financial experts, liability experts, case related traveler, investigators, etc.

Is Hiring a Dog Bite Lawyer to File a Lawsuit Worth It?

To decide whether hiring a dog bite lawyer to file a lawsuit is worth it, consider the following factors with regard to your case.

Legal landscape

The legal landscape surrounding dog bites and injuries can be complex. If you try to sue a dog owner without legal counsel, you may be unable to rebut their defense as to why they are not responsible for your injuries.

Severity of injuries

How severe are your injuries? The more severe your injuries are, the more likely it is worth your time and effort to hire a dog bite lawyer to represent you. If you don’t, yit is likely that an insurer will use their tricks to compensate you in an amount which is far from adequate and reasonable in light of the circumstances. Insurance companies are incentivized to maintain high profits by underpaying claims.

Potential for future harm

A successful dog bite lawsuit can force the dog owner to handle their dog responsibly or put a dangerous dog to sleep. This can prevent harm to future victims, like small children or the elderly. If you believe the dog is a danger to the public, it may be worth it to file a lawsuit.

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