A recent settlement between Ticketmaster and a class of ticket buyers has resulted in $5 million in vouchers to be distributed to consumers in May 2017. The value of these tickets will depend on how customers use them. The vouchers can be used for a discount of $2.25 on ticket orders and five dollars off UPS delivery. Ticketmaster has yet to reveal how many events and concerts are eligible for the vouchers. The terms of the settlement are not final, and Ticketmaster may not fulfill them fully.

Class members

The Ticketmaster lawsuit was first filed in 2011. Now owned by Live Nation, the company has updated its list of events that may qualify for the class-action vouchers. Vouchers are valid for events held between the dates of October 21, 1999, and February 27, 2013. The email also suggests that a pass-through fee is used for UPS delivery. The vouchers can be redeemed for two tickets, or two coupons can be used to purchase four tickets.

The lawsuit alleges that Ticketmaster failed to disclose its order processing fees to consumers. The company eventually agreed to provide discount vouchers and $2.25 credits for every ticket transaction. The settlement also offered tickets to a handful of concerts. There is a limit of 17 claims per person, with the most expensive being $5 million. The list of eligible events is continuously updated. However, the settlement does not mention whether or not add $5 million will be allocated to the class.

UPS Subclass members

Ticketmaster is the defendant in a class-action lawsuit. If you purchased your tickets through the Ticketmaster website and paid an Order Processing Fee, you are a Class Member. Additionally, if you purchased your tickets through UPS, you are a UPS Subclass member. To qualify as a Class Member, you must have resided in the United States at the time of purchase. If you are eligible, you can receive two-two-five dollars off the cost of your next ticket purchase. You are entitled to a total of 17 OPF discount codes.

In addition, if you were a class member in the UPS subclass, you may be eligible to receive settlement funds. This settlement is designed to protect consumers who are affected by the fees associated with shipping tickets. Ticketmaster has consistently denied the allegations and argues that the settlement was fair. The company has settled the lawsuit by issuing discount codes and ticket vouchers to class members. The settlement will allow class members to receive discounts on future ticket purchases and UPS deliveries.

Live Nation venues

Live Nation is under fire from Congress and the Justice Department over its monopoly in the live-event ticketing business. Senators Amy Klobuchar and Richard Blumenthal have asked the Justice Department to investigate Live Nation’s behavior and determine if there is a case for antitrust violations. Reps. Matt Gaetz and Lucy McBath have also signed the letter calling for an investigation of Live Nation’s dominance.

After a similar lawsuit was rejected in 2020, the US Department of Justice allowed the merger. Live Nation agreed to end retaliatory actions against venue owners and other ticketing companies. The proposed consent decree would allow the merger until 2025 and would require the company to reimburse the Justice Department for its costs of enforcement. Live Nation is also not fined. But it still faces a potential Ticketmaster lawsuit. If Live Nation wins the case, the merger of Live Nation and Ticketmaster could be subject to legal action.

Incentive payment

Ticketmaster recently settled a class-action lawsuit over its excessive fees and has agreed to pay millions of dollars in free tickets and discounted tickets to plaintiffs. The lawsuit claimed that the company violated California law by overstating costs for tickets and delivery fees. Ticketmaster owed at least $1.4 billion to class members but has agreed to compensate them in various ways. Here is how the settlement will affect you.

Ticketmaster sent nearly 57 million discount codes to consumers over the past eight years. Ticketmaster will pay out about $42 million of that money, although most vouchers are never used. Discount codes can be used on any Ticketmaster event and may be stacked for larger savings. A few years ago, two men who bought Wilco tickets sued the company, which resulted in a settlement of more than half a billion dollars. Another lawsuit was brought by two fans of Bruce Springsteen who sought to get a discount on their tickets.

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