If you are looking for a legal case that involves a collision injury, then the Spreen Honda lawsuit may be ideal for you. This is a case in which a vehicle accident has occurred at a dealership in California involving Honda cars. The automobile was damaged and there were no injuries on either side of the vehicle. It was determined that the other driver was responsible for the collision. The other driver is financially responsible for the damages to the vehicle as well as any medical bills that arise from this accident.

There was also damage to another vehicle that was involved in the collision. Spreen Honda was one of the insurance companies named in the suit.

This company did not deny the involvement of their insured in the collision, but they made statements to the effect that their insurance coverage did not cover the accident. The judge ordered that they be held liable and compensate the injured party for their losses. They have yet to appeal this ruling.

In addition to the attorneys for Spreen Honda, there were also suits that were filed against them and their insurance carrier.

There were claims that they had been negligent in their care and maintenance of their vehicles and failure to maintain a safe speed limit while driving. Many of the claims involved injuries, some of which were severe.

This is one of the more common suits that are brought against major corporations.

Not only are the individuals who have been involved hurt, but their families are often suffering as well. Many of these cases end up going to trial and for the most part, settle out of court. The insurance companies do not want to see their reputations damaged so vigorously defend their interests.

For those who are involved in these lawsuits, it can be a difficult time, filled with medical bills and loss of income.

It can also be emotionally draining to have to sit through the trial. There are so many variables that can come into play and often a settlement seems like the best way out of all of the complications. However, sometimes there are other avenues that should be considered before settling with the opposing parties.

If you have been involved in a Spreen Honda lawsuit, there are ways to turn the situation around.

If you feel that the amounts being paid in settlements are too low, consider taking your case to court. There are laws in place that protect people who have been injured in automobile accidents. Contact an experienced attorney that will not only get you the settlement you deserve, but will work hard on your behalf to make sure you get what you are entitled to in this type of case.

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