There are many types of renal failure lawsuits in the US. One type is brought against Prilosec. Prilosec manufactures and sells replacement kidney drugs. When one of their drugs causes kidney failure, a lot of people file lawsuits claiming compensation for the loss of their kidneys. The lawsuits also show that the company was aware of the risk of the drugs causing kidney failure and did nothing to warn patients of the danger.

Some of the lawsuits in the US have been won by the plaintiffs.

The plaintiff in one such case, Michael J. Milgard, claimed that he developed acute pancreatitis after taking a prilosec drug manufactured by the company. He suffered severe injuries and his pancreas became deformed. The jury awarded him financial compensation and the company’s stock price dropped dramatically.

Some of the lawsuits were filed against the manufacturer by individual users who had taken the drug.

They alleged that they developed serious side effects including high blood pressure, weakness, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and muscle weakness. They also claimed that they developed kidney diseases such as cystitis, endocarditis, etc. One of the lawsuits filed by a man who sold Prilosec to a customer said that the man developed a hiatal hernia and needed open surgery to repair it. The woman was diagnosed with esophageal cancer and died later at home.

Another case related to Prilosec was filed by a man who was working as a salesman for a pharmaceutical company.

The man was using prilosec as a way to increase his sales and he was mixing it with other drugs. The FDA warned him that if he continued to do this he would be violating the terms of his probation. He was diagnosed with non-cancerous renal cell carcinoma and he is now being treated for it.

A man called Sam Haskins was a heavy user of prilosec and he died on his birthday.

His wife and children are now suffering from renal failure. It appears that prilosec mixed with other drugs and caused his wife to develop esophageal cancer. His family is suing the company for wrongful death. They are also suing Sam Haskins’ company for battery liens that resulted from the mixing of the two drugs.

These are only a few of the kidney disease lawsuits that we have had to file recently.

The legal process can be tedious, costly and time consuming. If you have a loved one that needs to be put on a dialysis machine or suffer from kidney failure, it is important that you contact an experienced litigation attorney who specializes in these cases.

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