NERium International is a company that specializes in hearing protection accessories. They are particularly well known for the Headset silence headphones that work to amplify sounds for people who are listening to music, watching movies, or talking on their cell phones. However, NERium did not stop there. They have created a line of hearing protection accessories that include a line of battery operated hearing aides called the Powerseller Batteries.

There have been legal issues in the past involving the battery powered hearing aides. One such issue involved whether or not the batteries of the devices should be considered medical devices. The courts have ruled that the batteries can be used as such and can be inserted into people’s ears without anyone’s permission. There have been no reported injuries resulting from using these battery powered devices, but it is important to note that they are still considered medical devices and should be handled with care.

In one case, Nerium International sued an individual claiming to be the founder of a new cell phone battery and charging station business. NERium International claimed that the man owed them money because they had not paid the man a royalty after purchasing the battery. The man then filed a suit against NERium International claiming that NERium International had not owned the battery they had purchased and that they were violating patent rights. NERium International ultimately settled the case out of court. It was determined that NERium International owed forty thousand dollars to the man, and they were prohibited from selling any additional cell phone batteries without first obtaining an authorization from the man.

In another case, a nineteen-year-old man was walking down the street when a car struck him from behind. The driver of the car hit the boy and then continued driving, so the boy’s friends got out of the car to help him. A police officer caught the driver of the car and took him to the ground, where he proceeded to beat the boy, causing his skull to shatter.

As you can see, these are all extreme examples, and they do happen a lot. One of the more humorous, yet disturbing cases was in which a battery that was supposed to be able to turn on at four o’clock in the morning turned off at three. Nerium International later received a phone call from one of their customers who claimed that her battery was not turning on. After speaking with Nerium International, the customer was able to return the battery and it was determined that the battery was not defective. This case ultimately ended with Nerium International paying the customer a large sum of money.

At the same time, Nerium International does receive requests for batteries from people who believe that they have a defective battery. In many of these cases, a battery is found to be not defective until it starts to give off energy and starts leaking. However, Nerium International strongly refutes any type of battery failure, stating that in all likelihood, the battery is working properly at the time it is receiving the call or sending a text message. Regardless of the battery receiving or sending an incorrect signal, the battery is not defective. In the vast majority of situations, it is the user’s fault for a battery to stop working when it is supposed to.

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