If you or someone you love has been affected by a GM SUV or truck recall, you may have grounds for a lawsuit. All you need are the vehicle purchase and medical records, and legal papers. If you aren’t sure where to start, consider seeking legal advice from an experienced GM recall attorney. These attorneys can help you level the playing field with General Motors and ensure that your rights are protected.

GM hasn’t issued a lifter recall

GM has not issued a lifter recall, but many GM owners have been dealing with problems with their vehicles for years. A new lawsuit claims GM has simply replaced defective parts with equally defective ones. As a result, the lifter may not function properly, and the vehicle may stall, lose power, or hesitate when merging. These problems are dangerous, especially for drivers in motion.

However, this isn’t the only problem with GM’s valve train system. A class action lawsuit has been filed against GM by nine plaintiffs, alleging that the company’s valve train systems and lifters are defective. The plaintiffs claim the lifters fail prematurely or improperly, resulting in engine misfires, stalling, and ticking noises.

GM transmission lawsuit is ongoing

The GM transmission lawsuit is currently ongoing. Despite a recall, consumers are still stuck paying hundreds or even thousands of dollars for a transmission replacement. If you own an affected vehicle, you should keep all service receipts and document your interactions with service personnel. The lawsuit also demands that GM reform its warranty policies to reflect consumer interests. If you have experienced the same problem with your transmission, you should consider contacting a transmission repair shop right away.

A class action lawsuit is currently being filed against GM for a defect in the transmission of eight-speed vehicles. According to the lawsuit, this problem causes the vehicles to jerk, shake, and “hard shift” gears. The lawsuit names GM 8L90 and 8L45 transmissions as the cars affected by the defect. A court may rule in favor of the plaintiffs after reviewing the case. But the lawsuit doesn’t end there.

GM’s K2XX platform may be at fault

A recent class action lawsuit alleges that GM’s K2XX platform is to blame for the faulty gas-saving technology. It is possible that this platform is to blame for the failure of the lifters in a particular SUV model. Defective lifters cause these vehicles to lose power and stall, which may result in a traffic collision. Additionally, these vehicles are also more likely to hesitate when merging, increasing the risk of a collision.

This faulty K2XX platform is the cause of the recurring shaking issue in many of GM’s full-size SUV and truck models. The company has yet to issue a recall for the problem. Instead, the company has issued two service bulletins, informing dealerships of the problem and offering potential fixes. However, the solution may run much deeper than a few service appointments. Specifically, the K2XX platform is what underpins GM’s latest generation of full-size trucks and SUVs. As a result, the fixes prescribed by GM’s engineers have failed to resolve the issue.

GM’s faulty paint can cause vibrations

GM has issued a recall for certain cars that are affected by the problem, which involves faulty paint. A service bulletin published by the company explains the problem. It relates to the use of electromagnetic primer, a type of metal surface treatment. The company says that they are aware of the problem and are repairing the affected vehicles under warranty. However, customers should contact their GM dealer to see if a repair is possible.

Although GM is aware of the problem, it failed to notify the affected consumers about this dangerous issue. This failure to communicate the issue has cost consumers thousands of dollars. If the problems were disclosed earlier, these consumers would not have purchased the vehicles or paid the same price for them. But now, the problem is being widely spread and GM is facing an uphill battle. Consumers are contacting federal and state governments to demand that GM fix the problem.

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