Tuna are very delicious fish but not as tasty as the plaintiff’s lawyer who wants to be paid for convincing the grocery store to sell them to the general public. A few years back a great Pacific Rim tuna supplier was going under. It was the only way to get rid of the poor stock and reduce inventory. So the grocery store decided to do some layoffs. To make up for the layoffs they sold some of their tuna to the restaurant industry.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, the company failed to heed warning signs of impending trouble and purchased even more tuna.

In the meantime the food safety group had warned them that one of the tuna they were buying contained high levels of mercury. This is a very serious issue. It can cause damage to the heart, brain, liver and other organs. That is why a lot of lawyers got paid for bringing the tuna lawsuit.

It is a known fact that the canned tuna lawsuit is worth billions of dollars. That is why canned tuna lawsuit funding companies have been mushrooming everywhere. They are desperately seeking to take advantage of the shortage in tuna.

Many lawsuits go on regarding the dangerous levels of mercury found in tuna.

Lawyers are currently working on a case regarding the illegal dumping of mercury-laden rubber into the sea. Lawsuits have also been filed against food manufacturers and food distributors for selling low-grade, reheated, canned tuna that contains high levels of mercury.

There is some good news about all this. It appears that tuna farmers have been sued by the same lawyers who brought the tuna lawsuit against Japan. The lawyers have since been paid! The farmers feel pretty good about it.

I myself am not an attorney.

I do, however, know what it means to be a plaintiff in a lawsuit and how it feels like to have your life threatened because you ate too much contaminated tuna. There are other types of seafood that people are threatened with having lawsuits over. These include: sea turtles, pink shrimp, and even eels.

There is no doubt that these threats make people uncomfortable.

Not only do they give them the feeling that something might happen to them, but they also give them a sense of anxiety. I myself was threatened with a lawsuit for eating a certain type of tuna at my favorite restaurant. I was eating at a place where people from Japan to sit down and eat their lunch. There was no way that I could eat the fish that I love without getting into hot water with the Japanese chefs.

If the attorneys win their lawsuit, you will not be able to sue the Japanese for feeding you contaminated tuna.

You cannot sue them for giving you contaminated food. However, you can sue for health issues that resulted from being exposed to very high levels of mercury that the Japanese used to clean their tuna. This can result in many different medical problems over the long term.

Some people feel very strongly about this issue. They have taken matters into their own hands. They are filing suits against the companies that they believe are guilty of such a crime. You can expect this lawsuit to continue moving forward. The problem that some people seem to be having is figuring out how to get their own suit started.

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