A Look At The Desist Letter Diamond Resorts International sent To Its Client, Sean Austin

Are you a timeshare owner who has been accused of fraud or have suffered some other form of injustice as a result of being a timeshare owner?

If so, you may be interested in joining the thousands of other timeshare owners who are seeking compensation through Diamond Resorts International Lawsuit Funding.

The company is owned by Bradenton Communications, a prominent Dallas marketing firm. It was founded by two legendary real estate developers, George and Arthur Gates.

Diamond Resorts International Lawsuit

In 1998, after many years of buying and selling timeshares, both of them decided to go into business for themselves. They created Diamond Resorts International, Inc. to specialize in purchasing and selling timeshares around the world.

As the company grew, they discovered that not only were they able to expand their business, but they also faced an ever-increasing number of issues and complications with their buyers, sellers, and other timeshare companies, which often left them with no choice but to file frivolous lawsuits against these parties.

In one case, for example, a seller of a timeshare contract made a fraudulent claim that he had purchased the property for his wife, and this was discovered when his wife suddenly and conveniently disappeared from the timeshare contract.

As a result of the high number of cases and the lack of choices, many timeshare owners have simply stopped paying their legal fees.

When they do this, they are in violation of both federal and local laws, and their timeshares can be seized by Diamond Resorts International Lawsuit Funding. These fees are owed to Diamond Resorts solely.

One of the main targets of Diamond Resorts International Lawsuit Funding is Sapphire Resort and Spa, a leading timeshare developer based out of Sean Austin told the Christian Science Monitor about a recent meeting that took place between him, his staff, and the attorneys of the company.

During this meeting, Mr. Michael Keever, a well-known critic of timeshare companies, said that he would be willing to settle the claims brought against him personally.

This is because Mr. Keever believes that the suits were brought against him due to greed and selfishness, and that the settlement amount will not be enough to cover his legal fees, let alone his wife’s alleged theft of funds.

According to Sapphire Resort’s attorney, Sean Austin, “Mr. Keever’s statements are consistent with previous representations made by Sapphire Resort and with the law.

We have advised our clients for years to avoid providing statements in court, and we expect that the same professional standards apply here.” He went on to say that he expected that no one would sue his client over an “inadvertent but intentional violation of a sales agreement.”

He also stated that Mr. Austin’s firm would vigorously pursue any and all legal fees accrued by the desist letter that was sent by Diamond Resorts International to its client, Sean Austin. Sean Austin is scheduled to appear in court on April 4th to answer the complaint.

Desist letters are nothing new, especially for diamond resort companies.

In the past, they were more of a formality, with the diamond resort simply informing the desist letter recipient that they would not sell the timeshare, and would instead require that the purchaser either pay their legal fees or leave the property. This is not the case anymore. Sean Austin is scheduled to appear in court on April 4th to answer his lawsuit.

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