1. Miller & Associates, PLLC is a Houston-based personal injury law firm that is actively representing clients in opioid lawsuits. The firm has a long history of success in representing clients in complex product liability and pharmaceutical cases, and they are committed to holding opioid manufacturers and distributors accountable for their role in the opioid epidemic.

Opioid lawsuit information:

Opioid lawsuits are being filed against opioid manufacturers and distributors across the United States. These lawsuits allege that the defendants engaged in deceptive and misleading marketing practices to promote opioids, and that they failed to warn consumers of the risks associated with these drugs. As a result, millions of Americans have become addicted to opioids, and hundreds of thousands have died from overdoses.

  1. Miller & Associates, PLLC is representing clients in opioid lawsuits who have been harmed by opioids, including those who have developed addiction, overdose, or other serious side effects. The firm is also representing families of loved ones who have died from opioid overdoses.

If you or a loved one has been harmed by opioids, you may be eligible to file a lawsuit. D. Miller & Associates, PLLC offers free consultations to discuss your case. To learn more, please visit the firm’s website or call (855) 776-5299.

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  • D. Miller & Associates, PLLC website: https://dmillerlaw.com/
  • D. Miller & Associates, PLLC Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/dmillerlaw/videos/we-are-live-with-attorney-darren-miller-from-d-miller-associates-pllc-attorney-p/1725478230852208/
  • D. Miller & Associates, PLLC LinkedIn profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/darren-miller-82251221a


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