Remember that feeling of settling into a comfy armchair with a steaming mug of your favorite brew, ready to dive into a juicy podcast conversation? That’s what “Coffee Convos,” hosted by reality TV stars Kail Lowry and Lindsie Chrisley, aimed to deliver. But in 2019, the podcast went on an unexpected hiatus, leaving fans wondering what went wrong. Turns out, the culprit wasn’t a latte gone cold, but a brewing legal battle over… the name itself.

It all started with a trademark tussle. While Kail and Lindsie were busy brewing up their chatty brand, another entity, Wave Podcast Network, decided to claim the “Coffee Convos” title for themselves. Imagine two cafes opening on the same corner, both calling themselves “The Daily Grind.” Talk about brand confusion!

Kail and Lindsie, not ones to let their coffee cool, filed an opposition to the trademark claim. Think of it like a barista raising their hand and saying, “Hey, that’s our name, and we ordered it first!” The legal paperwork flew like frothed milk, and the podcast went on hold while the trademark battle simmered.

While the details of the legal proceedings remain mostly under wraps (think of them as secret family recipes), public records show that by January 2020, Wave Podcast Network’s claim had gone cold, marked as “dead” in the trademark database. Meanwhile, Kail’s claim remained steaming hot, with the status of “live.” This suggests, though it’s not officially confirmed, that our favorite coffee connoisseurs emerged victorious from the trademark battle.

So, what does this mean for the future of “Coffee Convos”? The podcast’s social media hasn’t brewed any fresh updates since 2019, leaving fans with nothing but cold comfort and unanswered questions. Will Kail and Lindsie return to their microphones, armed with their trademark victory and a fresh batch of juicy topics? Only time, and perhaps a perfectly brewed cup of joe, will tell.

In the meantime, let’s brew some speculation of our own:


Who won the trademark lawsuit?

While details are scarce, public records suggest Kail’s claim for “Coffee Convos” is currently active, while Wave Podcast Network’s claim is listed as “dead.”

Is Coffee Convos coming back?

There’s no official word yet, but fans remain hopeful.

What caused the podcast’s hiatus?

The trademark dispute was likely a major factor, but other reasons could also be at play.

What happened to the podcast’s back catalog?

Episodes are still available on major platforms like Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

Can I find out more about the lawsuit?

Due to the nature of legal proceedings, specific details might remain confidential.

Where can I stay updated on Coffee Convos news?

Follow Kail and Lindsie on social media for any official announcements.

So, there you have it, folks! The mystery of the “Coffee Convos” hiatus is still brewing, but with a trademark victory in the bag, hopefully we’ll get to savor a new episode soon. Until then, keep those mugs warm and your speculation brewing!


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