Chase Bank was recently sued by a class action lawsuit against them. The lawsuit was filed by a group of Chase customers that say they were deceived into dealing with Chase through an unsecured loan that later cost them their home.

The reason this class action lawsuit was filed is due to the way Chase Bank advertises its services. Most people view commercials on television and in magazines as just something a bank representative is telling someone else.

They assume that because the bank uses the word “bank” in advertising, those commercials are meant to be taken seriously and are meant to be true.

Class Action Lawsuit Against Chase Bank

But in actuality, many of these ads are in fact very misleading. It’s not uncommon for a bank or other lender to use exaggerated statements in their advertisements in order to sway consumer opinion.

There is nothing wrong with exaggerating the details in order to persuade a person into accepting a service or making a purchase. But when it comes to class action lawsuits, the use of exaggerations is considered deceptive and can lead to real problems for the bank in the form of a lawsuit.

In Chase’s class action lawsuit against them, the ad used in television advertisements showed pictures of a man holding up a sign that said “Chase Bankruptcy.”

This was shown multiple times in a row. Even more startling was the statement in the lawsuit itself: “Chase Bankruptcy has caused havoc in your life!” Can you imagine the reaction of a debtor in this instance?

They immediately knew that Chase Bankruptcy was a horrible thing to be in and immediately felt aggrieved. Now this class action lawsuit is forcing Chase Bank to pay refunds and back taxes to the taxpayers who have been affected by their actions.

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Class action lawsuits are not just about Chase Bank, they’re about any bank or lending institution that engages in such activities.

So don’t feel like you’re the only one who has had experience with a class action lawsuit against Chase Bank. And don’t feel like you have to file your lawsuit with the local court nearest to you if you don’t want to. There are companies and attorneys nationwide who specialize in helping people file these lawsuits.

So if you’re a Chase Bank customer who has been the victim of deceptive advertising and are owed a refund and back taxes, then don’t waste any more time.

Contact a qualified attorney today who can make a class action lawsuit on your behalf. You have nothing to lose but thousands of dollars to win!

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