The Citalopram Class Action Lawsuit has recently come to light after a number of women who were given the antidepressant sold it to them with the view to use it to help them cope with premenstrual syndrome. However, when they began experiencing symptoms that they attributed to PMS, they turned out to be in reality suffering from serious side effects. They claimed that the antidepressants they were taking caused them to experience such serious side effects. It is true that there are some common side effects of this drug like headache, restlessness, dizziness and nausea, which are fairly common to other antidepressants but the most serious side effects have been linked to birth defects.

Citalopram Class Action Lawsuit

The Class Action Lawsuit has been filed by the Center for Drug Evaluation, a non-profit organization that works under contract with the FDA (Food and Drug Administration).

This is a company that has been doing ongoing research on the effects of Citalopram which leads them to believe that there might be a link to birth defects. The FDA will not approve any drug unless it is proven safe and effective and the Center for Drug Evaluation agrees with them.

Furthermore, they also believe that it is the best drug currently available for treating premenstrual syndrome. The Class Action Lawsuit has set a case date of January 2021. The plaintiff’s attorney is expected to file their own lawsuit soon.

What makes the Class Action Lawsuit so serious is that women who claim to have suffered serious side effects while taking Citalopram say that they were never given clear warnings that these side effects would be experienced.

The company failed to warn the plaintiffs that Citalopram can cause them to experience headaches, restlessness, dizziness, depression, anxiety, panic attacks, diarrhea, dry mouth, dry skin, insomnia, vomiting, nausea, feeling rundown, severe facial rashes, heart palpitations, shortness of breath and many more such side effects.

Most of these women are now unable to continue their normal lifestyle and some have even lost their lives. Some of the side effects, which were said to occur include:

The Class Action Lawsuit is being brought by two groups:

Pregnant Women and Mothers Against Drug Corporations (MADD).This Class Action Lawsuit is being supported by the National Women’s Health Fund (NWF) and Planned Parenthood.

An additional amount is being sought by the plaintiffs’ attorney as fees and expenses that will cover the time needed to go through the legal system and complete the lawsuit.

This class action lawsuit is also seeking monetary damages, which should allow the injured women to be compensated for lost wages, medical bills, past and future pain and suffering, and other similar compensation

Pregnant women and mothers can seek monetary compensation for injuries that they sustained as a result of Citalopram. The manufacturer, GlaxoSmithKline, is being sued for exposing pregnant women to the harmful side effects of Citalopram.

The Class Action Lawsuit states that as a result of exposing women to this drug while they were pregnant, these women have suffered long term mental and physical health problems as a result of their exposure.

The long term effects of exposing women to this drug are mental and physical health issues such as aggressiveness, anxiety, depression, impulsivity, restlessness, and other similar behavioral disorders.

The class action lawsuit also claims that Citalopram increases the levels of serotonin in the blood of the victim and this affects the victim’s sleep cycles. The Serotonin in the brain is responsible for regulating mood and aggression levels in individuals.

Citalopram is sold under the names of escapade, pleasure, anti-depressant, and premenstrual dysphoric disorder.

There have been deaths associated with Citalopram and because of this; the manufacturers of Citalopram have placed a black box warning on the drug bottle about the possibility of Suicidal thoughts and behaviors.

The Class Action Lawsuit is seeking monetary damages for all these negative side effects. If you feel that you have a valid case, please go to court and seek the necessary compensation from the manufacturer of Citalopram.

The more people that come forward and voice their complaints about Citalopram, the more positive changes we can see in the future in the pharmaceutical industry.

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