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Acura Class Action Lawsuit

Class Action Lawsuit For the Death of a Baby Girl One of the newest lawsuits involving vehicles, the Acura Class Action Lawsuit, has opened up yet another case in a long list of ongoing legal disputes. This time, the case involves a fatal accident. The plaintiff, identified as John Doe, claims that, at the time …


Blackbaud lawsuit

The Fraudulent Bank and Its Owner The Blackbaud lawsuit is a case that has been making its way through the United States courts. The claim here is that defendants falsely advertise their property and commit real estate fraud. In both cases the plaintiffs are seeking monetary damages as a result of their injuries. The first …


Class Action Lawsuit Medication

The use of class action lawsuit medication can be extremely useful when it comes to handling litigation. Medication is used to assist with the emotional and physical symptoms of those who have been wronged or injured as a result of another person’s actions. It can also be used to help to ensure that a settlement …


Lawsuit Number

Understanding Judgments and Lawsuits When a tax sale is held and a lawsuit number is purchased for an amount that is less than the total due (plus interest and fees) the property can be sold at a public sheriff sale. This does not mean that you cannot legally buy back your property after the Sheriff …


Does a Ticketmaster Lawsuit Refund Exist?

Ticketmaster lawsuits have been rocking the web since at least 2021. In a nutshell, Ticketmaster is an online marketplace where consumers can purchase tickets for concerts, sporting events, and theatre shows. Many people are aware of the fact that Ticketmaster is not an actual company but rather an affiliate whose services are utilized by several …