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The Fire Captain Overtime Lawsuit

In the Fire Captain Overtime Lawsuit, the firefighters claim the City of Portsmouth failed to pay them properly for the hours they worked on the job. The city’s police prevented fire captains from receiving proper overtime wages, but the fire captains continued to raise the issue with their supervisors. The issue went unanswered and the …


Fire Dispatcher Overtime Lawsuit

In recent years, there has been an upsurge in the number of fire dispatchers filing overtime lawsuits. Dispatchers claim they have been wrongly classified as technicians and not firefighters and should receive the standard overtime pay schedule for the job. Despite this, many lower courts have sided with the employees. So how can these employees …


Citigroup Flood Insurance: Forced Placed Coverage Lawsuit Settlement

The New York Department of Financial Services is investigating the force-placed insurance practices of several banks. A Citibank borrower testified in court that he was forced to purchase flood insurance at the lender’s request. The lawsuit focuses on the practices of the company’s mortgage bankers, and a recent settlement could result in millions of dollars …


GM Transmission Lawsuit

A GM transmission lawsuit alleges that GM knew or should have known about a defect in their transmissions during their sale, but did not disclose it to consumers. According to a GM transmission lawsuit, this defect affected about 5.5 million vehicles sold in the United States. In addition to these defective vehicles, these lawsuits allege …


Forced Placed Flood Coverage Lawsuits

The New York State Department of Financial Services has subpoenaed 31 banks and financial institutions to investigate the overlap between banking and insurance. This investigation may result in more force-placed insurance lawsuits against banks and insurance companies. In the meantime, consumers should learn more about what to do in the case of flood insurance fraud. …