Before you begin your job search in Milwaukee, it’s important to know what to include on your resume. Here are some tips for ensuring your resume stands out among the rest:

Job description

A typical attorney job description in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, requires knowledge of the law. This includes understanding government regulations and court procedures. Other skills needed are the ability to handle litigation. Candidates should also be capable of problem-solving and complex analysis. They should be able to organize and present information in writing and verbally. They should also possess strong written and computer skills. The city of Milwaukee is a great place to start if you have the skills and desire to practice law.

The ideal candidate should have a Juris Doctorate, an excellent academic background, and a commitment to becoming licensed in Wisconsin within the first year of employment. As an attorney, the scope of your role will likely vary depending on the firm’s needs. It is important to possess the right mix of analytical and interpersonal skills. Applicants should also be familiar with business law and have a good sense of humor. Job descriptions for attorney jobs in Milwaukee may include the following:


If you are an experienced lawyer, an attorney job in Milwaukee can be a good choice for you. As a lawyer, you will provide legal services to the City of Milwaukee and represent the city in court. In addition, you will also handle litigation in state and federal courts and appeals, provide legal advice to city departments, and interpret laws for clients. To get hired by a Milwaukee firm, you should have a bachelor’s degree and experience in litigation.

Salaries for attorney jobs in Milwaukee range from $61,223 to $222,983, with the median annual salary being $110,953. The middle 57% earn between $111,489 and $146,531 while the top 86% earn over $222,983. A person in this tax bracket would pay about $24,700 in federal taxes in 2018, and 6.27% of the rest would be Wisconsin state taxes. With these taxes, he would have a take-home pay of $92,293/year. That is a bit less than $33 per paycheck, but it’s worth it.


Depending on the location and level of practice, attorneys can work as many as forty hours per week. They work for law firms, government agencies, insurance companies, and other entities. Hours of attorney jobs in Milwaukee vary from office to office but are usually full-time. The city of Milwaukee is located in the Great Lakes region and is home to several world-class breweries. In addition to the major league baseball team, Milwaukee is home to several historical attractions and the Milwaukee County Zoo.

The city’s economy is based on the ability of its legal community to keep pace with technological change. Major companies like Rockwell International and General Electric Medical Systems operate in Milwaukee. Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company and other financial institutions are headquartered in Milwaukee. Mutual funds also make Milwaukee a significant financial center. Strong Funds and Nicholas Funds are based here. Various law firms in Milwaukee focus on litigation, intellectual property, patent prosecution, and other legal issues.


Requirements for attorney jobs in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, vary by location. To be considered for a position in this area, you must have a law degree, be licensed to practice law in the state, and have a minimum of five years of experience. The city is known for hiring a diverse workforce and providing exemplary service to its residents. Listed below are some of the qualifications you will need to succeed in this role.

Legal Action of Wisconsin, Inc. is hiring a full-time staff attorney to join its Milwaukee office. The job will be a Supervising Attorney who will provide eviction defense to low-income persons and oversee the work of other staff attorneys. This position will be funded by the Eviction Free MKE project. This is an excellent opportunity to apply for an attorney job in Milwaukee and get paid for it while you’re at it.


The City of Milwaukee has a thriving legal profession and is always looking for qualified applicants. The job description requires an individual with extensive knowledge of legal practices and the law. Qualified candidates will be placed on the highest list based on their qualifications. In addition to a general knowledge of laws and court procedures, applicants must have experience in litigation, be able to handle complex analysis and problem-solving skills, and have excellent verbal and written communication skills.

The city of Milwaukee values diversity and encourages it. Attorneys can expect to earn between $70K and $116K annually. This is a good salary range for a new lawyer. The job description includes additional information on the job market and demographics in the Milwaukee area. In addition, associate attorneys in Milwaukee, WI can expect to make up to $116K per year. To find the right Milwaukee attorney job for you, submit your resume.

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