In her new position as attorney general, Madigan will be able to draw on her wide-ranging experience to benefit her clients. For instance, her extensive experience in health care law and fraud litigation will help us protect our clients. Her previous work has included recouping more than $13 billion that was owed to or defrauded by state entities. Additionally, Madigan has championed access to high-quality health care for all.

Lisa Madigan attorney general’s vast experience will benefit our clients

Lisa Madigan is a litigation partner in the Chicago office of the firm. She has 25 years of experience handling a variety of issues. Madigan served as Illinois’ first female Attorney General, where she remained for 16 years. She has testified before Congress, served on federal commissions, and been a litigator. She has also been a volunteer teacher in South Africa during the time of apartheid.

After leaving office, Madigan has largely avoided the public eye, avoiding speculation about her political future. While she has repeatedly said that she does not plan to run for another office shortly, speculations have remained about whether or not she will run for mayor of Chicago or governor of Illinois. Earlier this year, Madigan stated that she does not plan to run for another office.

In May of 2019, federal agents raided Madigan’s ward organization’s offices and the homes of Madigan’s allies. Although Zalewski and others have not been charged, the allegations stem from the scandal involving ComEd. Madigan’s ward organization was the victim of bribery. ComEd executives allegedly hired Madigan cronies to work for the utility company. The company benefited from legislation that Madigan controlled.

She has recouped more than $13 billion in funds defrauded from or owed to the state

Attorney General Lisa Madigan has been successful in recovering more than $13 billion in funds allegedly defrauded from or owed to Illinois. Her recent case against Teva Pharmaceuticals USA Inc. alleged that the company overcharged Medicaid for certain drugs. The company, which has settled with the state for more than $60 million, will pay the remaining amounts.

More than a thousand consumers have turned to Madigan’s office for assistance. Many consumers complained of surprise fees, increases in interest rates, and lowered credit limits. Madigan urged consumers to dispute these changes directly with the credit card companies or contact the state’s Consumer Fraud Bureau for help. Several consumers were able to get relief from the debt collectors by contacting the Consumer Fraud Bureau.

She has defended access to quality health care for all

A former U.S. senator, Lisa Madigan has long championed consumer-oriented causes. For example, she has led a crackdown on predatory for-profit colleges. In addition to securing debt relief for former students, Madigan has exposed the fraudulent practices of student lenders. She has championed a student loan bill of rights in Illinois, and she has addressed sexual violence on college campuses by supporting a law that imposes tougher sanctions on those who engage in such behavior.

Before becoming Attorney General, Lisa Madigan worked as a private lawyer, and she was elected in 1998. She was overwhelmingly re-elected to her position in 2006, 2010, and 2014. Currently, she lives in Chicago with her husband, Pat Byrnes, a cartoonist for The New Yorker. She has been a prominent advocate for affordable health care and has also spoken out against government regulations that limit access to healthcare.

During her tenure as state speaker, Madigan served as chairman of the Illinois Democratic Party. She sent political workers to the state to punish rivals, even while her supporters reflexively voted for her. Many Democratic candidates responded by referring reporters to Madigan’s staff. Madigan has defended access to quality health care for all, and she has been the subject of several major scandals.

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