If you have been dealing with a dentist and feel like you have been treated unfairly because of your treatment, you may wish to consider filing a lawsuit against them. The Aspen Dental Association has prepared a guide to help you get a lawsuit started today so that you may move forward with your concerns. You will find that if you file the right paperwork and get everything in order, your Aspen lawsuit will be successful. In fact, you can have oral surgery done for free and never have to pay another penny to any doctor or dentist in Aspen.

What will make your lawsuit successful is the paperwork that you send to the dentists you feel deserve a hearing. You will need to submit copies of the X-rays, any records that show negligence on the part of the dentist, and all medical bills. You will also need a letter from a certified patient who says that the pain and discomfort she has been experiencing for years are related to her current condition. This letter will help your oral surgeon write up a report and sign that you have been a patient with this condition. When this paperwork is received, the dentists will then be able to tell their side of the story and fight your case in court.

You will also need a letter from a qualified expert witness to back up your claims. These experts will testify as to the quality of work performed on you by the dentists. They can also testify as to the level of care that was provided. This can be very helpful in court, as it proves that the dentist did not do a good job with you and your teeth. The expert witnesses will generally be chosen from dentists in the area that you have been receiving treatment from. Once the testimony has been given, your lawsuit can move forward.

If you have a history of such negligence or malpractice within the family, you may have to get a second opinion. If you cannot afford to hire an oral surgeon to back up your lawsuit, you may still choose to file a medical malpractice claim against the dentist. It will be wise to do this before any money gets hurt. If the dentist has malpractice issues within his or her career, the medical community will quickly recognize these actions and be quick to provide you with adequate healthcare.

Once you have received all of your information, you should decide what you wish to do next. You can continue to gather the information that you have submitted to your dentist. If you have a solid case, you should then contact an attorney. This way you can speak with an expert and representation to determine if your lawsuit will be successful. If you decide to proceed with the lawsuit, you will be responsible for paying any expenses that arise as a result of the lawsuit. These expenses are generally related to the fees of your personal injury attorney.

You do have the right to speak with an oral surgeon before going to them for treatment. Although you can choose a dentist within your area, it may not always be safe. A qualified oral surgeon will know the best professionals to use in an emergency. The cost of surgery, recovery, and rehabilitation will be considerable.


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    BRADLEY L Edberg says:

    I have filed numerous complaints over the past year about Aspen Dental and the fact that they do not stan behind their Money Back Guarantee. The dentist said, I needed all my teeth pulled, but will not give me my records, my dentures still don’ fit right, and have difficulty chewing and loose dentures. I even went to another Aspen Dental in a different city to no avail. Aspen Dental has sent me a check for $2,900 and the dentist sent me $1,800 worth of gift cards! I am demanding a reply and a full refund! I have filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and also filed a small claims court against the Baxter, MN office.

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    Alicia Cass says:

    I went through the same thing. They didn’t fit. My dentist told me I was stupid I was just getting used to them. After visit 3. I told her they felt like they were flexing in my mouth. Again I was called names. After the visit, I went elsewhere. The new dentist. Not through Aspen 1 was horrified at my mouth. But 2 also agreed they didn’t fit. I called Aspen told them I would no longer be coming back. And I want my money back. I paid for 2 sets of upper dentures. I was told no. Ling story there. Anyway, I bought a new pair out of pocket through him. While waiting the Aspen dentures broke while I was trying to eat toast. Snapped in half. That’s how bad the fit was. I called Aspen. Said I want a refund or I would contact the BBB the news or I would picket. I got my money back. When I got my new denture. Because of the damage they did pulling my teeth the new denture barely fit. The glue helped a little. After a year nothing. It’s 5 years since I have had upper teeth because they said I needed dentures when 3 other dentists I showed my Xrays to said absolutely not. I had double coverage great insurance and quoted me 15.000 to save my upper teeth. Or 5.000 with dentures. I’m now 60,000 in repairing the damage they did removing them. And I’m not done. I’m literally broken. My retirement is gone. So spread the word about them. If you can. That’s what I do. I once was an extra on TV. Now I can’t even get a role.

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    Elaine says:

    I have the same problem, every single thing they did to me is wrong, my teeth are crooked, sores on my gums and painful, my gums never bleed before, now they bleed daily, I went back for help to the dental office, the dentists wont see me, no one will help me, i was told they would call me to set ip appt with the guy who runs the office in Massapequa, but to no avail, nothing, I was willing to try again, but, now, because they are ignoring me, I want my money back, I guess I will have to get a lawyer, they don’t stand behind anything they say or promise, then they send me a bill for 12,000.00 !!!!! told me 7,000. now i am harassed by bill collectors calling me 10 times a day, all I want is a refund, and leave me alone, take away everything they did,

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    Glenda McDonald-Dominguez says:

    The Aspen Dental in Pensacola Florida should be sued for deceptive tactics, overcharging and malpractice!
    I think we should all band together for a class action law suit.

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    Judy says:

    Agree with all of you,can’t even get things fixed won’t help me. My front tooth fell out of denture,have only had them for 6 months,. My mouth is sore and I am not happy. Judy date June 22.Help please

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    Jewel Coleman says:

    Aspen Dental has the nerve. They messed up my beautiful smile and never fixed my issues. They changed me for services that werent done.

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    Amber says:

    Aspen dental put a bridge on me less than a year ago and it fell out , so I go back in and the new dentist said he can’t even believe they numbed all my teeth down nothing ! I’ve missed 4 weeks of work and won’t leave my house because I have no front teeth !!! I e called and demanded a call back to have them fix it and they just ignore me . I’m a bussines owner and I trusted them and paid out of pocket a lot of money . I’m toren and all aspen dentals should be shut down

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    Janet E Landry (Mimi) says:

    I’m going back tomorrow. I’m in agony over a month now. I’ll get in touch after. Ok Mimi

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    Susan Pusateri says:

    My sweet 91 yr old Father went to Aspen for a cleaning, had bleeding gums. Well before you know it they’ve conned him into 3 fillings, scaling and planning he didn’t need. He had sore gums and couldn’t eat his favorite foods without his gums hurting. He lost 15 pounds, was very depressed. If I would have known they were cohering an elderly into unnecessary treatments, I would have stopped it. He went in at least 20 times complaining about his mouth pain and sore gums. I came for a visit in May and we went in together. The dentist was so rude and called me a liar!!! What an awful woman. Not professional. She said his sore gums were not caused by their office or procedures. They’ve recommended him going to a Periodontist. He went and now they want to do a biopsy on his mouth sore. This is such BS!!!! I told them I want a refund for all the pain and suffering he received. I didn’t even as for the full amount, only $1000. They are such frauds. I told them I would contact the BBB, write scathing reviews on all platforms, take them to small claims court, etc…Rachel, the account manager was very rude and flippant on the phone. They have zero empathy and only think of upsells, especially taking advantage of the elderly. My Dad didn’t need these extensive expensive treatments that made his gums worse.

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    Charles Halstead says:

    I started dealing with Aspen close to 2 years ago, what a huge mistake. Now i am over 10,000 dollars in for upper dentures and they are still incorrect. I keep getting put off over and over again. My temporaries have broken and they will not fix, my final dentures do not fit right. Large overbite, hard to chew, fall out all the time, very uncomfortable even with fixodent and others. I told them that they were not correct from the get go and they said i would have to get use to them. Had appointments for them to remold my mouth and they always tell me that there is no technician there. Like this morning i took off of work again, got there and waited for 30 minutes, then they told me that there is no technician there, wasted time, Was late for work again for no reason, i have also went in the afternoons for an appointment and the same thing. I have lost a lot of money and time off of work and still have no teeth that i can comfortably wear, so I have to go without. What a mistake Aspen Dental was.. Almost every appointment was bad.. I will never recommend Aspen for anyone, NEVER. Who do i need to contact for further assistance.

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    Tricia Lake says:

    It has been two years since I had work with aspen dental. I got a deep cleaning on my teeth that they basically forced me to get or they would not do work on my teeth. I have teeth that were literally filed down and are now cracked. They refuse to take my calls. They say that it is because of my age that my teeth are like this. I feel that they are 10 times worse since I went to them. I need them to fix what they have broken. They did this on purpose. Every time I went back to them they want to charge me 5k! They also gave me fillings that I did not need. Please help.

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    Kathleen Hofmann says:

    I have been trying to get my teeth cleaned for 2 years. Aspen keeps scheduling and then cancelling. Today I had another appointment and when I got there they told me the appointment was for a checkup, requiring $144.00 of xrays. Then they refused to refund my money. TOTAL SCAMMERS

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