Aspen Dental Attorneys has a Class Action Lawsuit set for trial in the summer of 2021. The lawsuit is over the school’s refusal to allow one of its students access to an Aspen Dental Clinic to obtain required treatment for an abscessed tooth. The ensuing Class Action Lawsuit is expected to be heard by a jury sometime in the summer of 2021.

At the time of this writing, Aspen Dental has issued a statement to the press denying liability and stating that they intend to dispute the lawsuit. They have also offered their own doctors to the affected students to provide treatment at no cost. A member of the Aspen Dental staff was injured while removing a tooth from one of the affected students during the removal process and the other students were not injured. The dentist who handled the surgery reported feeling “Concerned” about the situation but did not report it to the local authorities. The students have filed a claim against the school, demanding money from them to cover medical bills and pain and suffering. The school has refused to make any payment.

These students are represented by Aspen Dental Attorneys. These Aspen Dental Attorneys is seeking to have the school pay damages that are in excess of five thousand dollars and will add up to ten thousand dollars if the case goes to court. They also are seeking for punitive damages on the part of the dental clinic that refused to allow one of the dental students to have treatment for an abscessed tooth. These lawsuits seek to have the Colorado State Department of Insurance take action against the school.

Colorado State Dental Association v. Aspen Dental School, Inc. The Colorado State Dental Association sued Aspen Dental School, Inc. on May 8th in the Denver Colorado District Court on a class-action lawsuit. There are three class-action lawsuits in progress at this time. The main complaint in this lawsuit involves “fraudulent billing,” “deceitful billing,” and “medical malpractice.” Aspen Dental has settled with the Denver District Court.

This is only one of the lawsuits that Aspen Dental has settled with the Denver District Court. This particular lawsuit involved over one hundred and fifty employees. This particular lawsuit may go to trial as well.

A typical dentist will not be able to handle the case alone; there are several factors that come into play. For example, it would cost quite a bit of money to hire an attorney to fight the Aspen Dental Class Action Lawsuit. Many times it is better for the plaintiff’s attorney to retain an attorney to help them with the lawsuit because these types of cases can get very expensive. It would also be a lot of work for a typical dentist to try and prove that there was no malpractice or fraud taking place; they will need to piece together all of the depositions, e-mails, and other paperwork and do their own investigation. This type of litigation can take a long time to settle as well. If you are a victim in a dental clinic negligence case such as Aspen Dental, you should seek the advice of a Colorado qualified Denver personal injury attorney as soon as possible.

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    David Paul Melson says:

    Has this class action lawsuit against Aspen Dental been settled? I’m an ex-Office Manager that worked at Aspen Dental Benton Harbor, MI practice. I can confirm about the charging of the Oral B toothbrushes without the patient’s knowledge, the pressure on the Office Managers to sell the treatment plan and get the patient to pay that day including offering Aspens Third Party Lenders. I left the practice for my sanity, and this is NOT a medical/dental place, it’s a retail store in disguise.

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