American Systems Corporation is a government contractor. They are responsible for the design and development of computer software for the Department of Defense. The reason they are the plaintiff’s attorneys in a number of lawsuits is that they developed software that is used to track electronic records. This was not only flawed but also dangerous. The software was sued by a number of individuals who claimed their privacy rights were infringed upon.

In the lawsuits that have been filed against American Systems Corporation, they have been accused of storing data on employees without adequate safeguards to keep the information secure.

They were also accused of sharing this information with other companies outside of the government. Information like social security numbers and dates of birth were shared without the permission of the person in question. All of this information ultimately led to employees leaving the government and American Systems Corporation receiving a class-action lawsuit. They later settled that suit out of court.

Another company that has been sued is Global Sources Inc.

They are involved in the lawsuit against American Systems Corporation. Global Sources operates out of Chicago and has contracted work from American Systems Corporation.One of the lawsuits which has been filed against American Systems Corporation involves a worker who died while at work. His death was attributed to a heart attack. The circumstances leading up to his death remain unclear. Global Sources Inc.’s CEO John Combs stepped down as a result of the lawsuit. He is now being investigated for negligence.

Other companies involved in lawsuits include Theriot Solutions.

Theriot is a technology company whose business is in the contracting area. One of the lawsuits involved them stealing intellectual property of a rival company and selling it to a third party without first paying compensation to the original owner. Another is from PriceWaterhouse Coopers, which is involved in the accounting world. They’re responsible for the audits of Enron and Frecor.

Many of these lawsuits come from small businesses who feel that the larger companies aren’t paying their fair share in taxes.

These are usually state or local government lawsuits and it’s the local ones which gain publicity. However, the larger corporations often put on a defensive wall and fight back vigorously when they feel that someone is infringing on their rights. Usually, the best way to beat a corporation is with a class action suit. This forces the company to acknowledge their wrongdoing and hopefully get some compensation for their troubles.

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