If you are looking to invest in Starbucks coffee stores, you have probably read the news or heard from a friend that there is a lawsuit coming against the popular coffee giant. If this sounds familiar to you, don’t worry. There is a simple explanation for this whole mess and it has nothing to do with who is suing them, although it might have something to do with the type of coffee they sell. The story revolves around coffee being addicting and people being addicted to caffeine. In other words, people became addicted to caffeine.

When the original coffee was introduced, it was sold in small pouches.

They were kept in secret to keep the information from competitors, but no one knew how great the taste could be until after they have tried it themselves. When they decided to open the brand name Starbucks Coffee, they knew that they had hit the mother lode. People were going crazy for this new drink and the sales soon started to explode.

Since Starbucks sells their coffee in a large store, they quickly noticed a rise in sales.

Then they realized that by putting their brand name on coffee, they would instantly create a craze for the drink everywhere. This would lead to more people buying their products and more people walking into their stores to buy whatever they had. This can be the definition of an instant success.

When the company bought out the franchise, they had to make sure that the franchise would continue to thrive in the market.

They didn’t want to end up with a bunch of lawsuits all over the place. The last thing they wanted was to ruin their reputation in the community. They quickly made changes to their system so that lawsuits would not become a problem. They also changed their marketing techniques to be less deceptive to people.

Now we are just a few months out from the opening of their first franchised outlet in China.

They are also opening their second outlet in the same city in China. China is a very large market and the two franchises mean that they will be able to expand very quickly. Both stores are opening soon, but it is still hard to say whether Starbucks is actually being legitimate in all of this or not.

The best way to determine what exactly is going on is to research the history of the company.

You will find that there are a lot of rumors and allegations floating around. Some of the claims in the Starbucks lawsuit have even been denied by the franchisee attorneys. So you really cannot call anything that has been said in the past a fact. The future is what matters and right now the future of Starbucks is looking very bright.

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